Thursday, March 23, 2017

I Can't Believe I'm Turning In Dramione Smut For A School Assignment

The prompt was "rivalry." My OTP (one true pairing... means favorite ship) is Dramione (Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter) and I write a lot of smut (sexual fanfiction). This is a lime, not a lemon. (Lemon is essentially just erotica, lime is the same thing but the actual sex itself is left out.) I present to you, fine people of Creative Writing, my first Dramione lime because I prefer lemons but for the sake of not scarring all of you with Dramione sex (which I actually write a ton of #sorrynotsorry #noshame) here is my lime:

Hermione awoke to the acrid smell of smoke. Blinking through the haze of heat, she stumbled out of bed and across the Head Girl’s bedroom to the common room she shared with Draco Malfoy, the rich, smug, arrogant bastard. She felt her way through the living room through the deepening smoke into the kitchen. She coughed and noticed flames coming out of the oven.

“Aguamenti!” Water streamed out of the tip of her wand and doused the inferno that was her kitchen. When the smoke cleared, she noticed Draco standing there in his boxers, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“What the hell…?” He glanced at the sizzling remains of the oven. “Oh, shit.”

The flames from the kitchen were no comparison to the fire burning in Hermione’s eyes. “You. Fucking. Asshole!” He flinched. He’d seen her mad before, when she’d gotten a 98% on a Herbology exam, for example, or when Ron tried slipping love potion into her orange juice at breakfast, or when the library book she checked out had dog eared pages, but he had never seen rage like this from her.

“You could have killed us! You could have burned down Hogwarts! You are a complete-” she swung a fist up at him and missed, “fucking-” she swung again connecting with his jaw, “ASSHOLE!” she screamed, shoving him with both hands into the living room.

Draco was taken a little aback by her outburst, so naturally, he said the only thing he could possibly say to make it worse:

“Is it your… you know… time of the month, Granger?” he smirked. Hermione’s eyes bugged out and she reached for her wand. She was going to kill him! How dare he- How fucking dare he ask- How-

“HOW DARE YOU???” she roared. She tackled him and knocked him to the floor, holding the tip of her wand underneath his chin. She couldn’t believe him!

At that moment, the little voice in the back of her head spoke up. “Hermione, you are currently lying on top of Draco Malfoy, in the middle of your living room, breathing heavily. Wasn’t this like that fantasy you had the other night… but you were wearing that new underwear that you splurged on in Hogsmeade, and then you weren’t wearing it…” The voice trailed off as Hermione snapped back to her senses to the struggling boy beneath her. 

Yes, it was true, she had a completely ridiculous crush on him. She couldn’t help it! He was tall, sexy, confident, smart (though she hated to admit it), and the money certainly didn’t hurt. Such a shame he was an arrogant bastard who drove her completely fucking insane sometimes. Like now. She forced her thoughts back to the situation at hand.

Draco lay on his back on the carpet, breathing hard, eyes wide, actually looking rather fearful. She felt a surge of adrenaline shoot through her body. Power rushed through her veins. A wild idea ran across her mind, causing a smirk to rival Draco’s to form on her lips.

“Malfoy…” she purred, raising her wand between his eyes. She watched him swallow, and confusion to flash in those gorgeous grey eyes. Oh, he was going to pay…

“If you want to live, and for me to not hex you into the next century, you must do one thing.” She paused for effect, relishing the look of terror on the poor boy's face. The next words she spoke were slow, drawing out their emphasis. “You… Draco Malfoy… have to kiss me.”

Stunned silence met her declaration, followed by the most devilish smirk Hermione had ever seen on his face. He growled and flipped them over, slamming his lips into hers, tearing an audible gasp from her mouth.

His kisses grew more forceful, causing little moans to escape her lips. His hand wrapped around her neck, and his body rolled repeatedly into the writhing form of the brunette witch below him.

Panting, Hermione wrapped her legs around him and flipped them back around so she was straddling him. She lifted her pajama top over her head, revealing her breasts as she didn't sleep in a bra and hadn't bothered dressing for the day. His eyes darkened as he saw her in all her beauty. She blushed at the look of pure lust on his face. She had to admit, the sight of him lying below her in nothing but boxers was dizzying.

When she leaned over to kiss him again, she knew exactly where things were headed, and she couldn't want it more. Soon after, her pajama bottoms were strewn across the couch, her panties were tossed to the kitchen, and his boxers were left by the bookcase. They devoured each other, kissing, biting, licking, sucking, and teasing until they were both sweaty and panting. Hands were flying, nails were scratching, bodies pressed so tightly against each other that Hermione couldn't tell where her body ended and Draco's began.


She opened her eyes. She was lying on the kitchen floor naked, the afternoon sun streaming through the common room window. A very sexy looking Draco Malfoy was asleep on the floor beside her, blonde hair tousled and messy. The faint smell of smoke lingered in the air. She looked down at the ash-covered floor and just as she was pondering how to start cleaning up, Draco rolled over and looked at her with sleepy eyes.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he muttered. She flushed bright red. Had she really fucked Draco Malfoy? The voice in her head made a reappearance: “Oh, yes you did. And it was everything you'd ever dreamed it would be… And so much more!”

She giggled. “Morning,” she smiled, standing up to survey the damage done in the kitchen now that the smoke was gone.

Most of the right side of the kitchen was a charred mess. Where she stood, she could see the remains of their blackened refrigerator and microwave, and the melted sink area. She sighed. What was magic for if not for fixing mistakes? Speaking of which…

“How did the fire start?” She glared at her sworn enemy, who was currently lying nude on the tile floor, smugly wearing an I-just-had-the-best-sex-of-my-life expression.

“I was trying to make brownies.” Belatedly, she noticed the empty bowl of batter, egg shells, and carton of milk on the sooty counter.

She laughed. “Why?” Draco mumbled something about trying to impress a girl.

“Impress a girl, huh? And who might that be?” Hermione raised her eyebrows.

“Well she’s this really smart, sexy girl who just saved my dorm room from burning down… She has brown hair, pretty eyes-” He was silenced by a passionate kiss from Hermione.

“How long have you liked me?” she asked.

“Since third year when you punched me in the face,” Draco admitted. Hermione laughed and replied, “I think I’ve always liked you, deep down. You’re my intellectual equal. After all, there must be some reason a bastard like you would get the position of Head Boy..." She looked down between his uncovered legs. “Besides your incredible sex appeal of course.” He smirked in that smug way that only someone who actually is as great as he thinks he is possibly can.

She sighed. “Well better get this mess cleaned up.” Hermione stood up, retrieved her panties from the handle of the microwave where they were draped, and waved her wand. “Reparo.”

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